The future is in you.

Automation can be used even where you wouldn't expect it.

Project financing

We will help with the preparation of documents for the bank, or we will offer other options for financing the project.

Complex projects

We enjoy complex assignments, we like to discover unusual solutions. No challenge will discourage us.

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Automation and robotization is the future.


Don’t be afraid of new technologies. Automation is not a luxury, but it is a matter of course and a necessity to keep up with the competition.

MSA Moravia was founded in 2021 by a young team of experts with many years of experience and know-how in the field of automation and production of single-purpose machines. We are creative, we come up with fast and elegant solutions, we are hardworking and we are not afraid of new challenges.

We are building a technical team where optimism, good mood and a friendly atmosphere prevail. We have great freedom, but also the associated responsibility for the course and quality of the project. With their ideas, everyone can influence the course of the project, their personal development and the development of the company.

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